Mouth Guards provide a cushion against blows, or trauma to the face. With the aid of a properly fitted, high quality mouth guard, injuries to teeth, tongue, lips and the facial area can be prevented. Mouth guards provide cover to the upper teeth as well as the soft tissues of the lips, tongue and lining of the cheeks.


At the Denture Studio, we form our own Gum Shields and Night Guards. We take a cast of your teeth and use this to create a custom Gum Shield, or Night Guard for you. We have a number of different colours and finishes to choose from. See our sample Gallery below.


Gum shields have their origins in the sport of boxing, with data going back over 100 years. Before the acceptance of gum shields, damaged and missing teeth were common place in many contact sports, especially boxing. Split lips and mouth lacerations were a regular sight and resulted in forfeitures by many athletes. These days, most sports people wear gum shields, which protects them and their opponents, while competing. This makes the sport much safer and more enjoyable.


Night Guards, on the other hand are used for protection against yourself while you sleep. Grinding of teeth eventually wears them down and causes a multitude of oral problems. Not only will a night guard protect your teeth from damage while you sleep, it will protect your wallet too, requiring less visits to the dentist for repairs.


If you have any questions about Gum Shields, Night Guards, or any other service, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.